Eating Fresh Cherries Vs Drinking the Juice


When comparing the fresh, dried and drinking the juice, there are several areas to review including availability, selection, uses and antioxidant benefits. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll have all of the information you’ll need to make an intelligent decision on how the enjoy this tasty and juice fruit.

The first area is the availability.

Since the tart cherry is a very perishable fruit, this is a very valid concern. The cherry season is only about three to four weeks long during the mid-summer months. Depending on the location of the cherry orchards, the Washington cherries tend to be harvested from beginning to mid-June. The Michigan orchards usually begin their harvesting and production from mid-July to mid-August. It is during these few short weeks are when you’ll find the fresh fruit to enjoy. However, the dried tart cherries and the cherry juice are available year round. So the winners for availability are the dried and the tart cherry juice.


While all three varieties of the fruit do offer a selection to choose from the selection is usually the greatest for the fresh variety. The reason it’s very simple to have all of the fresh fruit available for purchase as soon as they are harvested from the trees. Fresh cherry include the Montmorency, the Bing, the Ranier and the sweet or dark cherry. Usually during the cherry harvest you’ll see your local farmers market jammed with several different cherry variety to enjoy.

The dried and the cherry juice are usually made from the Montmorency or balaton cherry. They are simply the most popular types of cherries for the processed products. Thus, the winner for the selection is the fresh fruit.


Fresh cherries are very perishable. So the best way to keep the fresh fruit is to simply put them in your refrigerator or freezer. However, before you place them in your freeze to enjoy at a later date, you may want to remove both the stem and the pit for ease of use. The dried cherries and cherry juice can be stored in your cabinet until open. They are very simple to keep and they tend to have a year or so shelf live. The winner for storage are the dried cherries and tart cherry juice.

Antioxidant Benefits:

The natural health benefits of the tart cherry includes its ability to help maintain healthy joint function, soothe sore muscles and help maintain a healthy sleep pattern. However, the levels of antioxidants vary with the delivery of the fruit. For example, the melatonin about in the tart cherry juice is greater when compared to the fresh fruit. In addition, when you add in the tart cherry extract, used to make tart cherry supplements, the melatonin amount is actually ten times great then the fresh fruit.

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